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Trumpet Soloist Jerry Clack

Wedding Music

Add sparkle to your wedding not only with champagne but with the sound of Wedding Trumpet Soloist Jerry Clack.

Jerry Clack is Principal Trumpet with Jubilate Brass, a premiere brass ensemble specialising in wedding music and ceremonial occasions having performed at major cathedrals in the UK and Europe and broadcasting regularly on BBC TV and radio.

Wedding Music

Over three decades Jubilate Brass have become specialists in wedding music and wedding fanfares playing at wedding ceremonies across the UK.

They have provided wedding trumpets and wedding music in London, Kent, Sussex, Essex and Surrey building a fine reputation built upon their long term association with Canterbury Cathedral and Kent University.

Jubilate Brass are pleased to be able to provide a wedding music service that is second to none and with wedding music that is tailored to your needs.

The wedding ceremony is greatly enhanced with the correct choice of wedding music and a wedding trumpet fanfare can add sparkle and splendour to the entry of the bride. Jubilate Brass are increasingly in demand due to the versatility of the group and the brass quintet can accompany the wedding trumpeter and play sensitive wedding music "equal to a string quartet" in the signing of the register. Hymns and descants are also enhanced with the sound of a wedding trumpet and the congregation often feel more confident in singing when they hear the sound of the wedding trumpet.

Wedding Music

Our wedding music repertoire can also be tailored to suit any ceremonial setting be it religious or secular. A wedding trumpeter can also provide fanfares for important occasions such as speeches and presentations making a huge statement and creating a splendid atmosphere of grandeur and importance.

Contact Jerry Clack and Jubilate Brass on 0800 6101804 to discuss your wedding music requirements.

Photography by Peter Prior